Our Mission

What is Simply Creative?

Simply Creative is a combination of a local artisan gift shop and an experience foundry; consisting of a variety of one of a kind artistic workshops and classes for customers and community members to engage in. As art influences society and communities by challenging opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across communities; Simply Creative strives to provide a space to do just that.

Our Mission

Our mission is to host classes to facilitate a fun, relaxed and creative experience for people to enjoy and learn new artistic skills. Which will impact change, growth and culture for our community. We also strive to support emerging artisans, makers and crafters by promoting the sale of handmade goods. We bring people together by using art to express our customers own individuality and connect others to express a shared identity.

Our Vision

Simply Creative is a gift shop and experience foundry. Providing our customers with the highest quality local artisan products including handcrafted jewelry, locally made ceramics, fine artisan paintings, drawings, digital art and other Minnesota based artist goods. The experience portion of Simply Creative is centered around the idea that art brings communities together. We cultivate a welcoming space for all to experience art and create it! Local artists come to teach their craft to community members and customers and provide a creative space to explore art in all forms.