What is a Creativity Box?

Our Creativity Box's are kits filled with every tool you'll need to complete an art project! Included in your box is a link to an instructional video from an expert in that art or craft. You'll receive everything you need to make a unique piece of art and guidance from an artist.

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How it Works!

As soon as you place an order we will get to work packaging your Creativity Box! A box will arrive for you in a few days with all project supplies and a link to our an instructional video from an expert!

Who is a Creativity Box for?

Anyone! Everyone!

Our boxes are made for everyone at all skill levels.

Learn how to create amazing pieces of art from experts in their craft in the comfort of your own home.

Creativity Boxes make for wonderful and thoughtful gifts too.

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Stacker Ring Premium Workshop Box

In this Premium Creativity Box, you will get all the tools, materials, an instruction packet, and an instructional video to create your own sterling silver or 14k gold filled stacker rings. Each box comes with enough raw materials to make 10-15 rings! Once you have to box you'll have the tools to make thousands of rings.

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