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Tattooing Class: Synthetic Skin Tattoo Class | Wed. Aug 14th 6pm-8pm

Tattooing Class: Synthetic Skin Tattoo Class | Wed. Aug 14th 6pm-8pm

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Date:  Wed. Aug 14th 6pm-8pm

Location: Simply Creative - 1631 Washington St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

- Must be 18+


Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to tattoo?! Now is your chance! Unveil your inner artist and master the craft of tattooing without the permanence in our synthetic skin tattooing class. Not an artist or a drawer? No problem, this class is still for you! Perfect for those who “can't draw” as we will have stencils to choose from. This immersive workshop offers a hands-on experience on synthetic skin canvases. Join us and unleash your creativity with ink and a canvas that's as forgiving as it is inspiring.

We will be “tattooing” synthetic, fake skin, which is made from silicone. There will be absolutely no tattooing of real skin in this class, not on you or anyone else.

You will use a real tattoo gun with real needles to tattoo synthetic skin! You will learn how to do delicate line work and shading in this class. 

You’ll leave with a silicone practice “skin” with the design you tattooed on it. 

You’ll go home with: 

-Two synthetic skins (one we practice on, and one of the design you chose) 

Choose your stencil when you purchase your ticket:

Choose between an American Traditional, Fine Line, or Floral tattoo flash sheet! We will have your stencils drawn on your synthetic silicone “skin” canvas for when you arrive. The stencil will vary class to class but it will be in the category of your choosing. 

If you have any questions please contact us via email at or by text at 612-548-4994

** Disclaimer **This class is not meant to be a way to learn how to tattoo yourself at home, we do NOT advise that at all. This is just a creative class to show you what tattooing is like! If you'd like to tattoo real human skin this class will NOT prepare you for the safety and skills you’ll need to do that.

**Due to issues with our supplier, tattoo silicone pads (synthetic skins) are only available in one color. We hope to add more diverse color options at some point though! 

**We do not offer refunds if you choose to cancel your spot in class. All sales final.

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